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The morning after

Weight: 141.6 So two pounds gained back after last night's dinner. We'll see where I am in a week. Interestingly, I almost couldn't finish the burrito. Actually, I probably would've been completely satisfied eating just half of it, but I want to get back to running regularly, so I slowly made my…

Final weigh-in

Starting weight: 146.4 Ending weight: 139.6 6.8 total pounds lost in 72 hours of fasting. Amazing. Now, I feast!

Day 3 observation

The weirdest thing about this final day of the fast -- I haven't been super hungry like I was the first two days. Yes, I had the sloppy Joe craving this morning. But aside from that, my stomach hasn't really been growling and I haven't been going crazy with other cravings. It's interesting and…

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