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diana wynne jones

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DWJ Reread: Dark Lord of Derkholm

“Rules,” he read. “1. Wizards are to grow bears, wear their hair below shoulder length, and carry a staff at all times.” “Help!” said Blade. He leaped up and rushed to the mirror. After half an hour of trial and error, he found a way to grow himself a long…

DWJ Reread: "The Girl Jones"

“The Girl Jones” is an essay about an incident in Diana Wynne Jones’ childhood that was included in the Sisters anthology (stories about the not-so-easy parts of sisterhood) in 1998. In it, DWJ explained that she was called “the girl Jones” by the people in her…

DWJ Reread: Deep Secret

"There is seldom any true secret." - Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones Sometimes I look back at the world before GoodReads was a thing, and I had Google in a pocket, and we actually had a decent bookstore in my city, and I wonder about all the books I might have missed. Deep Secret was…

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