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[IC Scene] Sibling Advice

Zander’s whims changed with each passing evening, and on this particular night, he was itching for a shiny new tattoo to replace one of his older pieces. But he didn’t bother trying to do it himself, not when his sister Aria was oh-so-talented at this particular medium. Aria only worked after…

[Drabble] Affection

No matter how much Devin pushed his buttons, Zander always forgot those transgressions after some quality time spent together in his bedroom. With the way his ghoul looked now, Zander couldn't help but forgive him: flushed skin, crisscrossed welts up the back of his thighs, collared and spent.…

[IC Scene w/Devin]

Even though Devin didn’t know it yet, Zander had already established him as a member of his household. Ant’s old bedroom had been cleaned; it looked barren now with only a couple empty bookcases, a recliner, and a few other items scattered about inside. Zander wanted to give Devin his own space as…

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