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Many people, one life, finding purpose.

I'm fully aware that this isn't some profound statement, but we really are different people over the course of our lives. At the same time, we're the same person for the duration, too, of course. I certainly am (more or less) the same person I was 20 years ago, and even beyond that, back into my…

Hmm...this feeling again

I think I am depressed again. I am seeing all the signs, so perhaps this is why I am having problems writing. The thing is, I feel normal. I am neither up nor down. *shrugs* However, all of the classic symptoms are there and I just have not noticed. Odd. I'll go back to video games for a…


17:03 Sunday 03 April 2022 I've never felt like part of my family. I'm sorry my parents got Me; I can't have been what they expected. They should not have been surprised that I was so distant; they were distant.

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