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When did my life become a tragedy? I have to put this somewhere. I don’t want to live anymore. Between feeling like I have failed my kids and not given them the mother they deserve. I’m also the one apologizing about life to the man who has ripped out my heart. I’m sorry his life isn’t going…

Hi, i'm trans.

So, a lot has happened the past year, not counting that whole pandemic thingy that will, of course, soon be forgotten and a distant memory... I thought about myself a lot these past two years. I was trying to figure out, what was missing, what was not feeling right, all this time. About two years…

My legs shook most of the night last night, because I asked to be on more medication. Right after I asked I started to feel better, so I regret asking. I see my doctor Friday. I’m tired of having an illness. I mean everyone suffers from something I am old enough to know that, so I don’t want what…

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