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Thu May 7 19:03:28 EDT 2020 I can't tell whether I'm depressed because of the weeks of isolation, or poor sleep, or this is just normal.

crazy richard

Sat May 2 21:05:38 EDT 2020 Peanut butter is my comfort food. That sounds terribly unsophisticated. I can claim to be a PB snob – crunchy, and no other ingredients. (No salt, either.) Blueberry muffins also work for me, but they don't keep long. You can stock a cache of PB.

too much

Sat Apr 11 13:08:54 EDT 2020 When there's so many things undone I feel guilty about taking time for a bike ride. But actually, I need the bike rides. All of us who live in cities need exercise. It's important for our physical health, and our mental health. And when I want to just sleep all day,…

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