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Voice? Cool. Piano? Cool. Guitar? Aargh.....

Had my guitar class. I'm fighting with chords. My nails were too long, so I'm trying to file them down. The other person in the class is studying music theory, but I was able to follow along most of the time and even answer a couple of the questions. Now I'm eating dinner and waiting for my voice…

Not-So-Lousy Laptop?

Got the stimulus check. I bid on the laptop, and right now, I'm the highest bidder. The auction ends tomorrow. Booked my next two voice lessons. The University is having a walking challenge from April through June, and I'm pondering if I should join it. It's gloomy and a little rainy. I'm…

Not My Day

I've discovered that I prefer singing a cappella to singing over a karaoke track. It's like shouting down a well. Bonnie has a microphone. I drastically overslept this morning. And the water for my shower was out. Not a good morning. Crud. I forgot to log my decluttering yesterday even though…

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