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death note

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Banana Split?

Fandom: Death Note Title: Banana Split? Pairing: LightxL Rating: R? Timeline: Whatever floats your boat Summary: Light is open to all sorts of things. Apparently this includes being turned into a dessert. AN: A quick fic I wrote a little while back in the FAP chat for…

Best Laid Plans

Fandom: Death Note Title: Best Laid Plans Pairing: one-sided LightxL Rating: PG Timeline: During the nice!Light phase. Summary: Light thinks about Ryuzaki and the future... AN: Another one of those "let's open a blank page and see what happens" quick fics. I kind of assumed it…

Waste Not

Fandom: Death Note Title: Waste Not Pairing: LightxL (ish) Rating: PG13 Timeline: During the time when Light and L are bondage fodder handcuffed together. Summary: L has frosting on his face. Light intervenes. AN: Written for fanfic_bakeoff Waste Not It was…

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