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Fandom Two

Title: The Same Hell Fandom: Death Note Rating: PG Summary: After the Yellowbox Warehouse, Matsuda visits Light in prison. Link: Here

One day 8, three day 12s

Title: Unusual Entertainment Fandom: Death Note Rating: G Word Count: 603 Summary: Matsuda quite likes talking to Ryuk even if he doesn't seem to be learning anything about Kira at all ... Link: Here Title: Last Night on Earth Fandom: Death Note Rating: PG Word Count: 1593 Pairing:…

On the twelfth day of Christmas

my true love sent to me twelve great weights [Title] Full of Potential [Fandom] Battle Royale [Rating] G [Word Count] 210 [Notes/Summary] For Yuichiro, happiness is a bag of new books. The bag’s pretty heavy. Okay, really heavy. Okay, Yuichiro can see it starting to stretch in places. Okay,…

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