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They Walk Among Us

I hate funerals. It’s not that I am freaked out to see the body of the deceased in a casket (I am clearly not afraid of death!). It’s that I know after the funeral, after the reception after, after years have passed- the deceased become lost in time and in memory. True, we do not forget…

Grandma woke up Saturday

...and she was pissed. She thought it was her time to go and was upset that she's still here with the rest of us. But, it was her that woke up. So, my mom called me at 7:30-ish am and I got to talk to her. I'm pretty sure it's the last time I'll be able to speak to the fully lucid woman that I…

So much for trying to post more. Sorry, guys.

I got some bad news today. Last month, I flew to Wichita to go to my grandmother McKowns funeral. Look like my Grandmother Teasley is not far behind her. She is 95. She is tired. She hurts. She's, rightfully, given up. Her quality of life is terrible. She cannot get comfortable. Dementia has hit…

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