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death in entries

So low solo trip, part one.

Friday, January 1st My last day in Schenectady for the next two months was spent with Matt. We went out to eat dinner at Jasmine Thai and then went out with my brother and Kayla to see a digital projection of Hateful Eight, a film I could and would see on the big screen multiple times. That…

for some time now I've been posting elsewhere

and I thought my posts were being cross posted to here, but they were not. My apologies, I didn't even check. My life is over-busy, and I wish for more quiet time, fewer interruptions, less activity. How to do it? I am not sure. I'm 55 years old now and so I figure my time is already half…

The world is a little colder

My very good friend, Marvin, died on the 9th due to complications in surgery. His dialysis shunt fouled and they were cleaning or replacing it as it was needed. Evidently, things went...poorly. I found out about this yesterday when his mother texted me. I was 'happy' that she let me know. I was…

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