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death in entries

Lightning whelk, part four.

627 miles. DAY ELEVEN Monday, September 26th The next day was spent exploring Silver Spring. While not upfront a very exciting or interesting place, we were able to find plenty to do. That day, the sky was grey and cloudy and the heavy breeze threatened rain, but we were going to try and…

324 South 42nd Street, (West Philadelphia).

Sunday, June 1st We took our long, triumphant walk through the dead streets of Schenectady to the Chinatown Bus stop around 6 in the morning. I hadn't gotten any sleep, anxious to leave and honestly anticipating some last-minute obstacle to stop us from boarding the bus. Thankfully, we did…

Farewell to Schenectady.

We had a lot to do before physically moving and only a couple days to do it all, so we were no longer waiting on anyone else, whether it be our landlady or Jess or whomever. If it took being selfish or inconsiderate, we were ready be it. After all, doing the "right" thing, being considerate, and…

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