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Random Thoughts About Old vs New Great Depression

Back in the Old Great Depression young people moved back to their families. They could not afford rent, so they went where the roof over their head was paid for. They took care of their elders, scrounged for food and supplies, and did whatever they could do to keep the households afloat. A…


Sun Apr 5 23:57:12 EDT 2020 Sometimes I learn that I'm fragile. A radio host just mentioned that his guest has this book coming out: You're Doing Great!: And Other Reasons to Stay Alive I'm not doing great. I never have been doing great. It's certainly not better now. I don't have reasons for…

Wed Mar 18 10:31:16 EDT 2020 What if being in love is another level beyond the strongest attraction I've ever felt for anyone, and I've never really been in love, and I don't even know it? What if all my emotions go to only +/-5, not 10? Is that why I'm still alive? Because my depths of…

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