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dean winchester

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Author: kelios Title: Hold Me While We Fall Pairing: Sam/Dean Rating: explicit/NC-17 Summary: It's not that Sam doesn't look good with a beard. It's that Dean can't take the constant reminder that he'd fucked up again. Warnings: Wincest, shaving kink, breathplay, choking, angst, S14 AO3

Sam Winchester and the Fourth Horsecock of the Apocalypse

Title: Sam Winchester and the Fourth Horsecock of the Apocalypse Fandom/Pairing: Supernatural/Wincest Author: casey679 Rating: Explicit Length: 2,755 words Community: Saturday Night Specials Content/Warnings: Dubcon due to sex curse Summary: The file on the fourth horsecock, however, was…

DEW: Part Snatcher

Title: Title: Part Snatcher Prompt: DEW Challenge: two characters of your choice & body parts. SPN100 Challenge: pass Genre: humour Characters: Dean Winchester and Castiel Pairing: n/a Rating: PG-13 Word count: 150 Warning/Spoilers: n/a Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or its…

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