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Outside Looking In

Author Kelios Rating: explicit Pairing: Wincest Warnings: voyeurism, outsider POV, public sex, possessiveness Summary: Sam and Dean get caught on camera behaving in some very unbrotherly ways. Outside Looking In

Fic: Caged Heat

Title: Caged Heat Fandom/Pairing: Supernatural/Wincest Author: casey679 Rating: Explicit Length: 1.9k words Series: Caged Desires Community: Saturday Night Specials Summary: Of course it's not right. Dean would be the first person to admit that indulging in kinky chastity sex games…

I Think I Have a Problem

For the past seventeen years the desktop on my laptop has been supernatural related either Dean or Sam or both, or the Impala but last night I changed it to an image of Soldier Boy which made me kind of twitchy. I was drumming my fingers on my laptop table until Arf told me stop, I was tapping my…

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