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Festivids 2018 recs

Been meaning to do this post for about a month...oops. Anyhow, I really enjoyed taking part in Festivids this year - the collection for it is over here. I made a Hackers (1995) vid " Dial Me Up" for bingeling - it's short but snappy 1.30 mins since it's for one of the less…

smile (the worst is yet to come) | Dead Like Me Tribute

Title: smile (the worst is yet to come) Fandom: Dead Like Me Song: smile | Artist: Mikky Ekko Category: character/relationship studies + series tribute Characters/ Pairings: ensemble Length: ~2:50 Summary: Life (and death) are not easy; you have to find reasons to smile wherever you…

FIC: Dead to Rights [X-files/Dead Like Me Crossover]

Title: Dead to Rights Author: Circe Invidiosa Rating: Teen for the swears Word Count: 5573 Disclaimer: I know the law, and the law would win. Timeline: sometime after Closure in S7 of the XF and sometime in S2 of Dead Like Me. Summary: a "what if" X-files/Dead Like Me cross-over…

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