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Did about 20 minutes in the pool this morning, felt good. We'll see how (if?) sore I'll be later today, but I purposefully took it pretty easy to ease back into it. It had been long enough since I'd been that I'd forgotten the front desk person's name (Lisa), and they now have you register for an…

Running away

Gorgeous morning for a run here - low to mid 60s, moderate humidity. Just beautiful. Did a little over four miles. Wildlife spotted was a family of deer, two does and a six point buck. Was fun pointing them out to other people on a trail, including a dad with a kid in a running stroller, who seemed…

Three runs

Monday, got yelled at by someone while out running. He was in the car lanes on the bridge, I was on the (thankfully separated by a large barrier) walking path on the side. He yelled something out the passenger side window, and followed it with a middle finger. I suspect it was about the "LGBT…

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