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Lit up

The husband and I were out running some errands when my phone started lighting up with texts from friends about the news at the Capitol (and making sure we were okay). Another time I am so, so grateful we moved outside the city. As much as I love DC, and loved the location of the old apartment for…

Back to the old apartment

Did a swing by the old apartment this afternoon to check the mail, and replace a couple batteries in some of the window shades. Turned out the 28 pack of batteries was not enough, because four of the five shades needed batteries (as opposed to the two that needed them a couple weeks ago), at 8…


Spotted on this morning's 2 mile run: two city tow trucks, and a couple DC United players arriving at the stadium. The run itself went well. Since I'm (once again) recovering from an injury and building back up, I've been playing with breathing almost exclusively through my nose, which I find…

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