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It's been ages

LiveJournal was my hideout, then I moved to other things in my life and now I just noticed it's been almost 9 years since I haven't come back here. I guess things evolve like that. But is kind of sad DBSK's stuff happened and I disconnected from a lot to avoid pain, but also hateful…

HoMin fic rec

Okay, I rarely say anything about this because I often feel it's a bit ... off side or something,. But I actually really love HoMin (DBSK) fic. If I was tempted to write anything that isn't OnTae it would be them, but I don't know them well enough to feel I'd do a good job of characterization and I…

*waves and hugs and general flisty love*

I am semi back home earlier than expected and am excited about writing for my auctions. I have to double check but I *think* there is a 1200 word plus ontae request that hasn't been claimed. If so I will be happy to write for anyone who will donate at least 10 dollars to any charity listed on the…

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