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What Happened Just Now?

"Your mom was right? Yeah, I wouldn't wanna sit around for that I told you so conversation either." - Me OMC... I just... No. David's mom may or may not have been right about something. She's been said that Jessica was all about using Kyle and isn't about Kyle. She never was. One thing I didn't…

She's A Waste Of Skin... There, I Said It...

"I was just resting my eyes." - Matt "Well your eyes were snoring pretty loudly." - Joe (Digimon) Ya know... Sometimes I have moments where my face feels the need to spew what my brain really thinks. For years, I have put up with side shit from David's highly childish (She operates like a 5K…

And Then We Crashed A Bachlorette Party...

"You like bitches? I like bitches too. Only difference is, they have dicks." - David's take on how gay people chill with straight people (*laughs hysterically*) Man, my stupid phone deleted my entry on the awesome weekend David and I just had. It was so beautiful and great and the stupid phone…

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