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Trek Slash Art: TOS, TNG (PG-13)!

Anyone interested in seeing other TNG slash art just click on the TNG pairing tags along the page. Mostly Picard/Data and Geordi/Data... Title: To hell with logic... Pairing: Kirk/Spock Rating: PG-13 Warnings: Slashy kiss! Medium: Prismacolor markers, pencils & ball-point pen. Notes: This is a…

Uhh... heh...

Well I've gone and done it... Title: Fraternization Pairing: Picard/Data (Yeah, I went there...) Rating: PG Warnings: Uh... interspecies??? Or is that just for LotR's? Baldness maybe? And one of the two being in his 60's (like, ewww....). I think that may have covered it. If I missed something…

Fic: Emotional Entanglements - Geordi/Data (NC-17) 2 of 4

Title: Emotional Entanglements (Part 2) Author: calling_alice Pairing: Geordi/Data, Q Summary: Since the activation of his emotion chip Data has been haunted by ghosts of the past, which brings him a new set of challenges in his quest to discover his own humanity and also causes him to set his eyes…

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