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16th November 2022 Writings

Excerpt from: A Fellowship of 10 “Great. Your description isn’t encouraging.” “You haven’t been?” “No further than the Forsaken Inn, along the Road,” Hanna confirmed. “We passed the area I know yesterday morning.” “Keep up and you’ll be fine,” Strider encouraged. Hanna nodded. Words: 37…

15th November 2022 Writings

Excerpt from: A Fair of Change After class, Brittany turned to Kevin. “Babe, this is very important to me. The Cadbury Tales are, like, classic, and I think I'd be great in the play. Just do the audition with me,” she said. She hoped that he had learned his lesson from the Coffee House back in…

14th November 2022 Writings

Excerpt from: Spider-Man and the Mad Man in a Box “No!” Spider-Man cried out. He barely managed to escape the resultant explosion. “That's not fair!” he said as he shot a web towards the villain in response. The villain ducked and the web missed. 'Of course!' Words: 36 Excerpt from: Mystery…

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