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I just hit...

over two hundred followers on Tik Tok. Thank you all for supporting and watching my vids on there :) Speaking of which, check out the latest vid I did yesterday of where I did a dance to "Trollmors Vaggsäng" here, which is a lullaby sung to kids in Sweden.


"Put your head on my shoulder..." "Amanda... did you change your alarm to that?" Justin asked his voice still thick with sleep "it's time to admit you have a Horny Tok problem" he continued as he rest his head on my chest. "First... good morning" he lifts his head to give me a quick kiss before…

Dance Solo from 1997 when I was 15

This is a dance I did back in 1997 when I was fifteen. It was the summer (I accidentally said "year" on the Tik Tok instead of summer) before I made it to the competitive troupe for C&C Dance Company that Fall. I have a project I want to do for Tik Tok that I annoyingly can't do for You Tube…

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