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I'm 40 today!

Today is my 40th birthday. In honor of my 40th, I decided to answer forty questions about myself in a birthday tag as a way for my subscribers and viewers to get to know me more. Hope you enjoy!

Tik Tok

Lately, I've been having issues with uploading vids and pictures on Tik Tok. The recent vid I've deleted and uploaded five times because apparently I'm shadowed banned right now (it's when you're not banned from the platform, but they basically hinder people from seeing your content). I can tell…

"How You Like That?"

For the first time in two months, I have finally did another dance vid for Tik Tok. I did it to Blackpink's "How You Like That?" Enjoy! Go here to see it I will try to upload a vid to You Tube this week. I haven't posted in over a week because the kids have been home.

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