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D&D and Blades in the Dark

Thanks to Brasak I've joined a group of players doing D&D on Wednesdays. Their new campaign started a month or two ago and I rolled up a halfling fighter (archer) called Gemma Pokeweed. We play on Roll20 and use Discord for the voice chat. Brasak and buddies are all British, and it works out fine…

Gaming at the Worlds End.

Got the 2 2 2 2 games in 2 days. That's 2 games, over 2 days, that span 2 years & 2 decades.... Because we'll be playing the last day of this year & the first day of next year. Day 1 i'm running my M&M tie-in game "Crisis on Cancelled Earths" M&M 3E game, which ties in with the Arrowverse Crisis,…

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