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Holmes & Watson Pic: Backie!

I drew a h/w pic, and it took ages, but having finished it I was too shy to post it. So, erm, I drew a silly pic of Holmes giving Watson a backie, and am posting that instead. Their Love Is So Heelstrikey. Um... Their hair is blowing in different directions and the handlebars point the wrong…

Miles Away From Ordinary

So we have a global health crisis on our hands. The COVID-19 virus has eluded even our harshest attempts at containment, and there’s no prospect of either a preventative or treatment, other than for associated diagnoses such as pneumonia. With an unknown number of infectious but asymptomatic…

Как я проведу это лето

Я вот тут несколько раз жаловалась на ребеночка, мол, деточка то, деточка се, деточка сошла с ума. А если подумать, то ведь яблоня от яблока недалеко растет. И каково ему было всю жизнь жить с эээ такой матерью? 500+ км по двум трейлам - GAP и C&O canal за пять дней, от Питтсбурга до…

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