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some very small things came from afar

The schools I teach at are now covered in posters indicating the procedure to follow in case an infection with coronavirus is confirmed -or suspected. The Guildhall School of Music is closed for several weeks now as one case there was confirmed. I'm still not at all sure about all this. The virus…

on a Sunday morning

Oh, how I hate the changing of the clocks. Have been in this island for over 30 years and still don't get used to it. Neither do my Sunday morning pupils, by the look on their faces when I showed up at the usual time. Wish I could find a different time for that lesson, it kind of ruins my Saturday…

The world out there

Two interesting, if long (and alarming) articles posted by friends on FB, on the nature of the developments we’re seeing in the world stage: Umberto Eco makes a list of the common 14 features of fascism:…

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