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Graphics for Land of Art Ph16Ch7+8

There. Am all up to speed with Twitter and just updated the NicknGreg Tumblr. Besides the paperfiddling I did for the QuickyBang (check it out here if you missed it!), I'm still happily playing in the landofart. Here's my latest bunch of graphics: wallpapers (1920x1080) and a set of…

Graphics for Land of Art Ph16Ch3+4

Besides work, this week I've mostly been busy with preparations for the renovation that is planned for my building this year. I had to move stuff out of the way in the downstairs storeroom (where I stall my bicycles) and up in the attic (where I have build a movie theatre) to make space for the…

Land of Art Phase 15: Ch3 + 9 + 15

Wahey, first week of the 2021 is done! The Netherlands is still in lockdown, until January 19th at least, when the new COVID measures will be announced. Vaccinations have started; with the current schedule I'm up sometime in April. Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan. I expect the…

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