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CSI ficlet: Brighter than the California sun (Nick/Greg, G)

I wanted to post an actual entry in June, but things got a little crazy. I don't know where this ficlet came from, but I needed some fluff, so here it is. Title: Brighter than the California sun Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Pairing: Nick/Greg Rating: G Summary: Greg comes back from a…

CSI ficlet: Touch (Nick/Greg, PG)

Ah, yes, another ficlet that came out of nowhere. I was talking about touch-starved characters with someone on Tumblr and BAM! Also, this is not the first time I've realised I'm projecting waaay too much onto Mr. Greg Sanders. Oh, well, it's cheaper than therapy, right? Title: Touch Fandom: CSI:…

Graphics for Land of Art Ph18Ch16-21

Yay, lots of improvements on my shoulder mobility since my last update. I was able to get on my bicycle again and after trying it carefully in the weekend to do groceries, I also cycled to the office again every weekday. I started on my 'senior citizen' bike, which has a low step and saddle, so I…

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