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Crystals to connect with the Ancestors in a time of uncertainty.

As the pandemic sweeps the planet, many of us feel stressed, worried and fearful. In these uncertain times, I found myself called by the ancestors and created this crystal grid which let’s me tap into their wisdom as many who have come before me have seen war, famine and disease sweep cities,…

Crystals do not directly mix with oils, wax, butters etc

In working with both plants, crystals and oils over these many years it has been brought to my attention by the crystals that they do not like to be dropped in oil, wax, butters or anything other than water and they were ADAMANT on this. IT SUFFOCATES THEM! Yet people who make candles, tinctures,…

Weight Loss Series - Yes? No?

Thinking of doing a series on crystals for weight loss since this is something that is relevant for me right now. I went to the doctor recently and I was told ai’d gained some weight so I’m on a mission to lose 10 lbs. Stay tuned!

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