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Apparently, her name is Sunny and she comes to visit all the time. Val knew all about her and said that she lives close, but likes to visit. *Phew* :D Other good news, Fingers crossed, but we have a new cruise booked for December. Hopefully it will come to pass. This one will be in New Zealand. We…

Another Week, Another Dollar...

Haven’t updated in a while, so I thought it was time to bring everyone up to speed. Not very much changes around here, although I am delighted to have some work to do today. Araceli handed me off three more projects, two of which I can do from home, so I’m delighted. I will have to go into the…

Day 12 – At Sea

We woke to another cloudless day and knowing that we had the whole day to pretty much do nothing at all, we plunged right into it. First we went up to the buffet for breakfast, then we did a nautical mile around the track. Afterwards, we sat out by the pool and enjoyed the sun, if not the wind. It…

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