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Kindred Spirits 4 - done!

Kindred Spirits by Soledad Rating: Teens and above, for some canon-compliant violence. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Part Four This was Nahir’s first visit to the Royal Ontario Museum, and he had to admit he was impressed, despite all the wonders he had already seen in his unnaturally long…

Kansas 2 - excerpt from Chapter 31

For those who might be interested, a quick peak into a future chapter. This time he came through Customs and was not the least surprised to see Ivanova waiting for him. They usually sent the feisty commander to deal with him, in a pathetic effort to catch him red-handed, should he try to scan…

Walking with Vorlons

Just a short scene - well, two short scenes - from Chapter 25 of Kansas 2, the Babylon 5/Star Trek Voyager crossover I'm currently working on. If you aren't interested in those fandoms or in my scribblings, feel free to ignore everything behind the tag. Ulkesh Naranek, Babylon 5’s resident…

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