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Spoiler alert!

Those who are interested can read the first scene of Chapter 21 of Kansas 2 - The Yellow Brick Road behind the tag. Featuring Galen (from B5/Crusade) and Seven of Nine (ST:Voyager). Have fun and tell me what you think! Seven of Nine stepped down from the dais of her regeneration chamber with the…

Update alert

After a hiatus of several years, I finally updated Kansas 2 - The Yellow Brick Road. The new chapter can be read here. This is a Babylon 5/Star Trek Voyager crossover, the middle part of a trilogy. I'm currently posting the first part, Still Not in Kansas, to AO3, one chapter a day. The…

Story alert

In case anyone is interested, I've started posting my old story Still Not in Kansas - a Babylon 5/Star Trek Voyager crossover - to AO3. This is part of my effort to transfer copies of all my work to that archive, and also a chance to read through them again and weed out any possible remaining…

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