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Can’t find Arrow sentinel fanfiction, Help!

I’m looking for an arrow fanfic where Tommy and Oliver are a sentinel and guide pair, I read it along time ago. What I remember is that Tommy went on the gambit with Oliver and they both ended up together on the island. They come back to starling city but don’t tell anyone that they bonded, they…

The Sentinels of Atlantis???? (found)

HI, I am looking for a working link for the story, "The Sentinels of Atlantis". Wraith bait is still not working for me. Thank you in advance, finlaure EDIT : Apparently I have the wrong title. In the story I am looking for Jim and Blair die in a fire, But not really, they ascend and then…

Halloween stories

Howdy! It is Halloween and it is raining and thundering!! I am looking for somewhat scary stories. Somewhat scary as in no main character permanent death, no gore, no horrible torture. I love slash Jim and Blair!!! Self recs are welcome. Thank you in advance, finlaure Did I mention I have a black…

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