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Housecleaning Crafting

October's priorities: WIPs, projects with earmarked materials, sewing machines especially the Morse case and the Secret Project I began October with 2 (possibly 3) completions on my challenge to complete 12 projects between late September and the end of October (the challenge was not only…

Challenging Crafting

September's priorities: Morse case recover Needle felted robot Sewing machines, sewing machines, sewing machines The overall theme to September's priorities was getting through things that are taking up a disproportionate amount of physical or mental space, and possibly also blocking one or more…

Starting Over Crafting

August's priorities: my sewing machine stabilize waist of dress pants other sewing machines sun hat other works in progress I put serious time into the sun hat in early August, trying to get the right size. Dang thing is slippery and changes with every subsequent round. I thought I had it right…

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