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criminal minds

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"And Then I Met You"

"And Then I Met You" by Wereleopard58 PAIRING: Reid/Hotch & Gibbs/DiNozzo RATING: NC-17 FANDOMS: Criminal Minds and NCIS SUMMARY: When Gibbs met Tony at Baltimore he offered the Detective a job at NCIS, unfortunately for him, the FBI got to him first. Derek knew Tony would be a perfect fit to join…

Hold Me

It's been a weird week. Got plenty done, started a new hobby, and home life is great. But I also got roasted on another social media platform for a mild opinion about CM, and generally feel very unsettled about where I'm going creatively. Like I said: WEIRD. So, when I'm feeling…

Thinky Stuff On the End of Yet Another Fan Obsession

So, I finally saw the 2-hour series finale of Criminal Minds. I wasn't sure I'd watch anything from season 15, to be honest, but I guess my love for these characters and my need to complete things won over my better judgment. Here are some thoughts, though no one really cares much at this…

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