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I hurt

On top of everything else, this genius here, made no effort to stretch or warm up before moving heavy furniture, and injured my back on Thursday. Which i realised about three overs into my six over spell on Saturday. To keep from making it worse by running around the field and jarring it…

everything generally remains a bit shit. Although. I seem to be bowling pretty well, as well as sticking my catches. Two catches for the Apaches on Saturday — one moving to the right to pluck it out of the air at midwicket, and another at long on, that died on me (or i misread), meaning i had…

Exhausted and going to be sore from the first full weekend of cricket (80 overs in the field across the two days) for the better part of ten months. Apaches (who need a name change) bowled out Dolphins for 143, and are 0/32 from ten, and i ended up with 4/13 from 5.4 overs — one C&B, lbw…

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