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The Revision of Fishes

I've just listed this piece in my shop. It went through quite a few changes before it got to its final form. This was the original fluid art: And there was this cool clip art I wanted to use: And playing around got me this: Which of course made me think of the ocean, and…

Before And After, A Nameless Piece Of Art

In the spirit of keeping you folks more up to date, I hereby present a Nameless work which I finished today. I am Quite Pleased, even if I say so myself. You probably will find it hard to believe, but THIS is the fluid art painting I started with: I painted this in November last year. And…

Introducing Myself

Oooooh I hate this part! So since it is so very late, I’ll just say that I’ve had a journal at LiveJournal for about 15 years. So much has changed that I feel a bit safer here... and most of my LJ friends migrated here. It gripes me that I just paid a year membership there right before joining…

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