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A Conversation

“I know it’s cold out, but I like driving with all the windows down now. I get claustrophobic. And I kind of like the cold, actually, and I know it won’t bother you. It gets a little loud on the highway, but I think we’re mostly sticking to backroads anyway. Would this feel less weird if I had a…

Stuck Together at the End of the World

August is pretty sure Tommy’s late. The glass of her watchface is cracked, and the hands haven’t moved in something like three years. The clock on the dash – and the CD player – has been busted even longer; he’d done that, slamming his fist into it during one of their particularly vicious…

TJ & the Angel

The angel’s got a thousand eyes and they’re all looking at TJ. He guesses it’s an angel. That’s what it said it was. Or that’s what it told him it was. It didn’t really say, TJ guesses, ‘cuz it didn’t make any sound. There were just words in his head, all a sudden, without any kinda sound or…

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