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2018 Craft Spending Wrap-Up

$708.80 spent, or just over $59/month. Actually not as bad as I feared, when I finally totted it up. Gifts and Teaching Materials: $38.96 large set of fine sharpies for class ($21.99) sewing machine oil for Sew-op ($6.99) two sewing books for a Sew-op working group ($9.98) Projects with…

Year's End Crafting

December's priorities: finish Secret Project get all not-mine sewing machines done and out of the house (one down, two to go) rearrange sewing room; make collage materials more accessible December started on a Saturday, and I had a cold. I didn't get a lot done because by the next weekend, I…

Surprise Gift Haul

So my stepdad went to visit his friend, Joe, and on his way home he stopped at a thrift store and bought me some books and yarn. I don't know any of these authors, but the books sounded interesting to me. I'm especially interested in The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr. I hope…

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