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Still Sewing!

I don't know what made me think of it, but with cleaning supplies being in short shrift...I decided to make these: It's a reusable Swiffer Duster Cloth! I'm going to make a few more to have on hand. The tutorial is on sewmuchado.com if you are interested! Onward!

Holiday Ornaments idea and pics

I've got some new ideas for this year for handmade glass ornaments. No, I don't make the glass ornaments myself, but I do decorate them myself. I've bought them at JoAnn's in the past, but this year I got some from Michael's Craft store and I'll admit I'm impressed. Not only do they have a variety…

2018 Craft Spending Wrap-Up

$708.80 spent, or just over $59/month. Actually not as bad as I feared, when I finally totted it up. Gifts and Teaching Materials: $38.96 large set of fine sharpies for class ($21.99) sewing machine oil for Sew-op ($6.99) two sewing books for a Sew-op working group ($9.98) Projects with…

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