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Move it and Weave!

I had an idea that combines movement and weaving! No I have not tried it out so I do not know if it would actually work... What you need: 1) materials to build a frame, 2) materials to weave (fabric, rope, bamboo etc), 3) helpers to move- people (kids, friends, family, co-workers, etc), pets…

Baskets for the homesick

so this idea came to me as I was wandering a craft store and saw all the seashells/baskets and thought 'i prefer the desert.' The homesick baskets are baskets of natural items found in your hometown. There would be different categories that reflect them as well: desert, wood/forest &…

Crafting for all

Bright ideas: crafting...so my main idea for crafting has been putting together storefronts/websites that gather all types of crafting together: selling crafts, how tos videos/books, and crafting ideas, full of donations of time, effort and their own crafts. These crafts wouldn't be limited to…

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