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a friend just posted this... Greetings Folks Just had a look at the Cauldron website and noticed that they have a Previously Published Articles section in which there is an article called "the three rites" by Shani Oates. For some reason the American branch of the `Clan of Tubal Cain' are…


My notes from lesson One of the World View Three worlds, the three fold division and the nature of virtue Red – Power - serpent - Spirit Magickal manipulation of serpentine force. Green – Solidity – Hare - Body Plant, Wort cunning Black – communication, or element of spirit (as in earth,…

Herbal Hayfever Remedies

Try a tea of containing a mixture of either all or part of these : Elder flower, Nettle and Eyebright The tea should be drank before the season starts and 3-4 times daily until it finishes Elderf lowers and berries should NOT be eaten raw unless you like being ill Use only young nettle tips,…

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