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More on Aluminium Cuff Bracelets

A follow-up to this post -- I have figured a way around the scratchy edges, a way which may mean I end up using the 0.3mm thick aluminium after all. The answer? Folding over the edges. For the thicker aluminium, that is a bit difficult, and it ends up so thick at the end that it won't fit into…

I Can Has Symbolism

Hello my Harry Potter loving friends, I am scratching my head. You see, I got this lovely idea for a "Golden Trio" necklace, but there are parts of it I haven't figured out yet. To wit, I want to make a central pendant with charms on it representing the three of them. Hermione is obvious -- it…

I Can Has Bracelet-Making!

I am Quite Pleased with myself today, because after a saga of bracelet experimentation, I finally succeeded! Well, 95% succeeded. Good enough. Okay, so what am I rabbiting on about? As you may know, I am being all artisan-y with my own Etsy store Essence Of Eclectic (mostly jewellery). And I keep…

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