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Knitting Purple!

I have actually made progress on the needle-knitting front, in a most unexpected way. I'm knitting Continental with Norwegian Purl, RIGHT-HANDED!!! This is totally weird, because I am left-handed. I'm not exactly sure how it came about, but when I was making Knitting Isn't Only About Needles I…

State Of The Knitting

Does anyone know why "knitting" starts with a silent 'k'? (goes and looks up knitting) Ah, it is related to "knot". Middle English. Doesn't explain why the 'k' became silent, though. Oh well. So, I have decided to forget the needles and explore knitting with two hooks. This is different from…

Knitting Blues And Greys

Right now I am writing this blog post, but just before now I was frogging my, um... 10th maybe... attempt to needle-knit. I am a crocheter. I can crochet. I can hook-knit with a crochet hook. But I thought I'd try learning needle-knitting because all the needle-knitters look at me funny whenever I…

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