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Косплей «Лабиринта»

Какой классный косплей Джарета и Сары из «Лабиринта»! Вот ведь, фильму почти 35 лет, а его всё помнят. Косплееры — Molza и Dexter из Воронежа, муж и жена, кстати. Седьмая фотка — просто мечта шиппера. ;)

cosplay goals

It's been over a week, and I'm still thrilled by a long-time friend telling me that I'd make an amazing Crowley when I was going on about how I swear to fuck- someday I will cosplay as him.

Time is relative

Me, Friday afternoon: Okay, I want to get all the painting and engineering done on these wings this weekend, so I can do other final touch-ups next week. Me, Saturday afternoon: Well, if I finish the painting today, I can at least start on the engineering tomorrow? Me, Sunday afternoon: I can…

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