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The 80th day of The Pandemic Times

1220: Runnin' a little slow today, didn't get a fucking paper this morning, so no Super Quiz for us today. Should get 2 on the Morrow. Current events: This is supposed to be Blackouut Tuesday? Hmmm... George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis cop May 25th, and all hell broke loose this…

A long night

It promises to be another long night here in DC. We're not near enough to downtown or the WH to be really impacted by the demonstrations, but I can hear the helicopters flying overhead pretty well, and occasionally police sirens will sound in the distance. We have the windows open tonight because…


No bread made during the week. Friday night supper: South Indian khichchari ( ven pongal). Saturday breakfast rolls: adaptable soft roll recipe, 4:1 strong white: buckwheat flour, maple sugar, dried blueberries. First outing for yeast I scored off eBay, worked well, these came out v nicely.…

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