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I love apples, especially Fujis from the farmers market, but I'm not a big fan of cooked apple in general (my apologies to apple pie fans.) Sometimes though, we'll get apples that aren't very interesting or forget a few in the fridge and what do we do with them? Occasionally Mum would make…


Bread made during the week: the 100% wholewheat from Greenstein: approx 2:1 wholemeal flour/wholemeal spelt flour. Turned out rather nicely. Saturday breakfast rolls: the sour cherry rye rolls from the recipe in Collister's Flavoured Breads. Quite nice. Today's lunch: kedgeree, with undyed…


Rub: salt parika pepper garlic brown sugar wortschetster sauce put on surface-wet marinade bake in oven for one hour at 400 paprika dried mustard ginger allspice pepper put in over for 500 degrees plum chili star anise honey

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