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The cookie monsters

Today ended up being way more exciting than anticipated. During our morning errand run, I remembered to bring my Woodman's gift card that YC gave me for Christmas. This led me to buy a few unusual items, but I also got what my dad called a bucket list food: A gigantic pretzel. I keep seeing the…

Fancy Band: C is for Cookie

Second week of the cycle. D and L the younger were both there, so we had the full-on flute section this week. That meant things were pretty tight in the front row, but on the plus side M played everything from one chair. Nobody moved. This is ideal. He's basically set up Flute Town on the end chair…

My mother's dealer

I got an offer I couldn't refuse last night. Because my mother might actually kill me. It turns out I know a certain munchkin who will be selling a certain tasty treat--well, boxes of tasty treats, the kind you can only get once a year, specifically from young girls in uniforms. Yep, I now have a…

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