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You came in to this world with enough light to find your way out of the dark, enough kindness to save a soul, enough love to shift a planet. Don't worry, you are enquipped with all you could ever need. Look with in, you are drenched in magic. alexis karpouzos poetry, creative…

We are a short poem - alexis karpouzos

We are a short poem in a endless emptiness page, words are lighthouses that ignites and struggle to deliver light to the dark edges of the infinite, and mystic sounds struggle to give voice to the unlived beings, to bore a young soul to the gate of birth. Alexis Karpouzos Author of…

How to explain to children... "Winter is Coming!"

"The Americans just elected who?" The US Electoral College (but not the popular vote) has just elected none other than The King in Yellow AKA " The Living God:" an avatar of He Who Shall Not Be Named (... Hastur? ...or Nyarlathotep? ...depending on what you mean/who you ask). On the bright…

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