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French vs English and *nix vs DOS

My impression of French is that it makes English look like a toy language, in much the same way that Unix, or it's *nix variants, make DOS look like a toy OS (Operating System). However, MS-Windows has built a much more user friendly OS, that windowed versions of Linux haven't matched. I…

Slowly Venturing Out / New Minecraft Server

Another month has passed during this strange time of COVID-19. I'm still working from home and we're very thankful that I still have a job and we're relatively unscathed. Nicole has been venturing out into the world more and more and although she's unhappy and uncomfortable with wearing a mask,…

Software Developer Job Interviews: Palindromes

Are you a software developer? Have you interviewed for a job and been given a problem such as, Write code to identify if a string is a palindrome? You did it wrong. But I’m quite smart! I know my code was correct! You did it wrong. But you have never seen my code! You did it…

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