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Vacation's End

Wow! Two actual weeks off from work. Sadly, I didn't get accomplished nearly as much as I might have hoped to. The best laid plans of mice and men, I think... But I did manage to upgrade two computers: my home office desktop (which went swimmingly) and the studio desktop (which went about as badly…

Fun with a new font

Sometimes, there are lovely things to learn on Dreamwidth. The other day, cosmolinguist posted about the Atkinson Hyperlegible fonts. Because I'm easily intrigued when it comes to fonts, I decided to download these and try them out. Right now, I've made it the default font in Firefox, but I…

Electronic Corpses

I was doing some cleaning today and found Gretchen's old HP Stream laptop and charger, the former of which failed some years ago. Gretchen suggested that I plug it in and see what happened. Short answer: this is one sick (and unrepairable) laptop. I may give it one more try, but I will probably…

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