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Funky Virtual Window Manager

Yeah, been a while, and instead of a 'what's been going on' post, we're doing one about my new project, FVWM or F*** Virtual Window Manager, where the F stands for whatever you want it to stand for. I'll go with funk because...

make my life easier

Sat Mar 24 00:56:16 EDT 2018 Until tonight, for work, I had not driven at all since my last trip to NC, in mid-January. I don't get much practice at driving. I'm not as attuned to the car's handling. (And its handling is different; it's had a lot of maintenance lately – new tires, struts,…


11/17/2017 20:45 If it's a GUI, a screenshot is good. If it's a command window (PuTTY) of text, it is much more useful to copy+paste the text itself, instead of a picture of the text. • If someone scales the document up or down, the picture of the text gets blurry and harder to read. (I've…

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