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Fun to play with...

Want to gaze at beautiful, pristine beaches, maybe dream about "getting away from it all"? Well you can gaze, but never visit, because This Beach Does Not Exist. They're all AI computer-generated images, but they sure are pretty. (Some are too pretty; real nature isn't that pristine. But, oh…

Phew! Heart attack averted.

Many of you already know that I read a lot of my fic in my iPad. If it's over 7,500 words I'll think about sending it over; over 12,000 words almost always gets sent over -- simply because I don't have time to read in one session, and it's easier to grab my iPad at odd moments than my laptop...…

Cool way to search folders in Windows 10 - even easier!

Thanks again to Elderwitty. She wrote, "I just read something that suggests you can put '*' between keywords to look for combinations. So I tried it -- name: 'can*I*forgive' -- and it came up immediately, the only one out of dozens of folders with thousands of fics in NCIS. Then I…

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