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Whose roots?

Part of getting my professional credential involves a lot of reading about Canada's situation with regards to its indigenous peoples. Specifically I live in British Columbia, which has one of the dodgier relationships with First Nations. Where most of the Canadian provinces had some sort of treaty…


Chosen therapist today. I mean, I'm done with the work one, and I haven't started with the money one, so. It's really good. The theme of community comes up again and again. Having a poly therapist means I can say "I can't imagine ever meeting anyone who could see or understand all of me, maybe…


That was a disaster. My neighbour was supposed to come over today and look at where I thought the waterline from my well might be. Avallu had been defensive towards him previously, possibly because he's been next door a lot with a big dog of his own, so I broke out the leash and hot dogs. In the…

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