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Disadvantages of mobile communication

The disadvantages of cellular communication support are many. You must carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of your new device before making a decision whether to purchase it. Communication is vital in this time. When you move from 1 spot to another, be it for…

Mobile Communication - An Overview

Mobile phones have a variety of mobile communication history. With time, as they evolved into mobile phones that can be carried anywhere, the variety of mobile communication has improved manifold. The history of mobile communication has seen the advent of the mobile phone, the…

Garrison Keillor -- humorist, boundary-violator, or both?

This piece was written in response to a conversation on a Pagan email list. Some folks found Keillor's column to be funny, and some felt it was a reflection of all that's wrong in our world about patriarchy. This essay is my response. Ok, now I've read it […

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