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"Some people deserve to die."

Having watched the first episode of Deadly Class, the show about teens being trained as killers at a secret school, at this point I'm giving it more of a chance based on its soundtrack--the Cure ("The Holy Hour" is a deep cut choice), Echo and the Bunnymen, the Sisters of Mercy, the Damned--and…

Jesus, Take The Wheel

So, a couple of months ago, my teacher asked me if I could make Batman and Batgirl costumes for her grandkids for Christmas (ages 6 and 8). Of course, I couldn't say no. Scheduling conflicts abounded, but I finally made it to her daughter's place so I could get the kids' measurements.…

Light Lad

I've been a fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes since "The Great Darkness Saga" in the 1980's. The only negative I felt was that, for the most part, the male Legionnaires had the aggressive powers (Lightning Lad, Sun Boy, Wildfire) while the female Legionnaires had more passive abilities (Phantom…

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