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Classic Fic Of The Month (April 2019)

Is Spring your thing? It is for Lex and Clark in Purple And Yellow. :) This story can also be read on AO3. This entry has been cross-posted from Dreamwidth. Comment on either entry as you wish. :)

Doing Your Bidding

Like a good number of you, I'm sure, I've got two offerings up for auction on Fandom Trumps Hate. https://fandomtrumpshate.dreamwidth.org/. 1. You can bid on me for fic in Smallville, Sports Night, or Stargate Atlantis (and possibly crossover or walk-on characters) 2. I will write poetry for…

Fic Tally (December 2018)

December wrapped up one story and gave us two others. Appropriate for this time of year! :) DC Comics stories were: The posting of Marsh Monster, a Clexian Halloween horror tale, concludes. Just A Couple Of Misfits!!! ;) is a fluffy little Bruce/Dick tale for the holidays. ;) Marvel…

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