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S P E C H T R E U M splendid documentary on the evolution of The Church of Satan throughout the Age of Fire, from its founding origins heralded by LaVey through to Gilmore, some rare archival photographs & footage, with interviews with several of the interesting personalities contained…

Lost cantibles in Hell

The preservation of some lyrics & music coursing in My mind since forever. Segments of compositions for timeless manifestation. Magic Ooo ooo-ooo ooo... let Me tell you a story Ooo ooo-ooo ooo... let Me show you the way Ooo ooo-ooo ooo... it's a story 'bout Magic Ooo ooo-ooo ooo... of The…

Evil Evocations

M ALEFICK M USICK Atmos fearic psychodramatic musickal selections to enhance the ritual & Lair environment. Eerie ambiance to activate paranormal permutations, stir the ether, and establish the sinister connection. Shadowmantic Musickal manifestations inspired by dæmonic forces.…

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