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chris pine

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Only in Dreams

So last night I dreamed that I made a career switch to bookselling, and my area of specialization was vintage porn. (Prolly because Trekkie Monster famously noted in avenue Q that, in volatile markets, porn is the only stable investment.) Anyhow so I did this and hired Chris Pine, who was…

TWITL - week fifty-three

Two entries for week 53: Farewell 2020 — A long post about the end of the year. End of Winter Break — A short post about the first few days of the new year

TWITL - week fifty-two

I actually had two entries this week: the best Monday ever — Where I gush hard about how my friend Shanaye bought a Cameo video from Simon Kassianides. I am still very giddy about the video. fangirl glee beginning the break — Where I talk about Wonder Woman 1984 and how…

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