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azuki bean brownies

After I made black bean brownies, I have been wondering about making them out of azuki beans instead. Azuki beans are commonly used in Japanese and Korean desserts, and I really like them. They seem like a more natural choice for this application to me, so I tried these azuki bean brownies…

My days from Tuesday to Friday

On Tuesday, I had my pap smear done at a health center downtown. It took me a while to find the health center, but I was only six minutes late from my appointment. The test was a bit painful, but it was over quickly. After that, I went to my parents’ home, where my mother gave me the weekly…

An ordinary day :3

Yesterday had been a nice day, but in the evening I was gripped by the usual anxiety, once again. Fortunately I felt better after going to sleep. I woke up early to the feeling that the lengths of my thumbs were itching. I had dreams about many kinds of things, like visiting the summer cottage and…

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