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children's literature

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Did not Do The Reading

I daresay many of my dr rdrz have already encountered this (siiiiigh): I longed for novels about female desire - women empowered by sex and their expressions of lust. So I sat down and wrote my own. Which seems to me to be doing for its different genre what so many authors have done for science…

A misc congeries

Pet cemeteries reprised: [O]wners of all kinds of domestic animals have become more likely to believe in a pet afterlife: A new analysis published in the journal Antiquity, examining the history of pet cemeteries in Newcastle and London over 100 years from 1881, found an increase in the…

Wild Things

Great White Sharks discovered having a Close Encounter, Doing Their Wild Thing. *** The guerrilla rewilder shaking up British farming: Derek Gow is winning over doubters in his bid to reintroduce storks, beavers, wildcats, water voles and much, much more. *** National Trust encouraging…

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