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Questions of classification

Saw a discussion on Twitter earlier today about the YA category of books, which apparently somebody had claimed was some new millenial thing? and people were saying no, it went back earlier than that - - and I went to myself, hang on, when I was But A Young Thing, Penguin Books put out a list…

Repetition, reiteration, recurrence

You know, I'm not even sure it's the delight of discovering new things in the previously enjoyed: I think sometimes if you enjoy a thing, it can become a reliable source of repeated and recurrent enjoyment, though this is personal idiosyncratic and are not headphones a wonderful invention so that…

Wednesday has been trying to get a form notarised

What I read Finished London Clubland, which was really quite good once it got going into the intricacies of the subject as well as some broader contextual questions. Very much about a particular epoch - really, mid-Victorian era to the Great War. A little on origins but those are (from the…

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