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July 13. R.I.P. Flop.

I found Flop, C's Rhode Island Red, dead this morning. She was roosting last night and hadn't been acting noticeably off lately, so this came as a very bad surprise. She was still in the protected enclosure area, and intact, so I don't think it was predators. Best guess is the heat got to her. She…

July 12.

Yesterday I was stir crazy enough to contemplate getting straight run ducks and an incubator. The only thing stopping me was the mask mandate. S and I toyed with the idea together. The discussion of males ducks got us around to her rooster. She misses Mr. Scary Bird. We decided that if there…

April 24.

I can't believe we are already more than 6 weeks into this whole mess. My nervous energy productivity has shifted into resigned to the new normal laziness. None the less, I still managed to unload three bales of hay and 10 bags of feed before S needed the truck to get to work this morning. I also…

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