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Chicken Update with Pictures

I love how friendly this latest batch of chickens has become. All I have to do is sit down in their yard and they'll come over to beg for treats, peck at my clothing hoping it's food, and generally hanging out nearby. Okay, so maybe their true motivation is their stomachs, but they do all this near…

Christmas Chicks.

Christmas came a little early at our house this year. The plan was to get 6 chicks for Christmas. Fortunately, one of the feed stores I frequent still gets chicks at this time of year. Their last shipment of the year is the 21st, much better timing for Christmas chicks, but I prefered the…

Dirt Bath.

We have one hen left. She spends most of her time in the duck house to protect her from the hawk that's moved into the neighborhood. In the mornings, when C does his animal stuff, Flop gets some supervised run around time. Lately she has been using that time to take dirt baths. This process…

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