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Testing your emissions

One of the testing sites for C-19 happens to be in my old neighborhood. It's a former emissions testing facility that was closed in recent years, and because of the setup, it's actually well-positioned to do something like this--multiple bays for cars, with closed-off stations for the testers, I…

The Big Library Conference

The Big American Library Association listed the hotels for which it has discounts for the Big Library Conference in Chicago this year. I offered to stay at an Airbnb, but my boss wanted me to stay at an official hotel. It's kind of funny how different people look at things differently. He wants to…

Walking in a Winter Wonderland. In Freaking October.

Holy mackerel. We did get snow. And it's still snowing. The snow has finally stopped. I guess that we got 2 or 3 inches. That is throwing my routine off because I have to allow time to blow-dry my hair and brush the car off. Mimi is blocking the entryway from the bedroom to the kitchen,…

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