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GM Накамура - IM Щербин: Анализ ДЕБЮТНОЙ ЛОВУШКИ и история на CHESS.COM

Интересный рассказ Матвея Щербина о его партии с легендарным Хикару Накамурой, и о последующей жалобе в руководство Chess.com от американца. Игра проходила в 2015 году в последнем туре одного из Титулованных Вторников. #Cheating #читерство

Why Chess?

What you learn in chess playing can be applied to real-life as well. As a result, you become more critical thinkers, better problem solvers, and more independent decision-makers in daily life. Revolution Chess is the best platform for learning and playing chess online-…

Why should you let your children pick up chess?

Here is the 1st answer: Chess helps a kid to develop their mind, leading them to acquire different sets of thinking skills, which will complement their academic results in schools. Keep watching our posts to get next motivation and never miss out the chance of playing…

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