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thinking too much

If I had a plastic lock for this cage, I wouldn't need to remove it for medical exams, I'd just have to explain. But if I'm thinking along that line, skip the lock, just superglue this 3-D printed nylon cage together and be done with it. Could I come out to my doctor as asexual? What kind of…

he's got me

And here's what the Brandon love comes down to. He's got me locked up, and I don't have a key. I didn't realize how important this was to me. I mean, I knew it was important, but not HOW important. In just a couple weeks I've sorta reorganized my life around it. Well, I'm still, responsible. But…

OK, a meaningful chastity goal for the Spring Equinox

I have a dungeon date with Sir Ben 12 days from now, and I want to be Peak Horny for that, so I'm not having an orgasm until then, and I'll lock back up tomorrow morning. Tonight is my last night for Free Willy until then, and no orgasm tonight, only edging :-) And I'm still diggin' on these new…

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