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laser permanent eye color change

With laser permanent eye color change procedure, you can change the color of your eyes from brown to blue-green-hazel-grey. You can change the colours naturally and safely using a laser. "Turkey Laser Eye Change In color" was created by Dr. Mustafa Mete many years ago utilizing a unique "iris…

Where I've Been

For the past several days I’ve withdrawn into myself in ways that may or may not prove to be ultimately productive, but which in the immediacy of it all have been difficult. I handed over 60+ pages of journal writing to my wise, old, therapist-shrink, Dr. Jung -- kind of the “best…


All my good, strong, positive, lusty, wondrous, magical, and i-will-get-past-this-time feelings from the past week have vanished. Can I have a heart-ectemy? Maybe I'm better off without it. Solidly efficient, utterly predictable, without joy, without sorrow -- I can live without my heart.…

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